Midnight Chronicles

D20 Spielern dürfte die düstere Welt Midnight aus dem Hause Fantasy Flight Games noch bekannt sein. Seit kurzem gibt es den DVD only angekündigten Film auch zu kaufen.

With the Midnight Chronicles DVD, you can bring the gripping narrative of Fantasy Flight Games’ first ever full-length feature film to your home theater! A captivating story driven by a complex and compelling cast of characters, Midnight Chronicles explores the epic struggle between good and evil, in a world dominated by an oppressive and immortal tyrant.

It has been a hundred years since the Shadow fell…

In the world of Midnight, the dark god Izrador reigns victorious. After three ages of scheming and war, Izrador has finally defeated the heroes and armies of the free races. Now the dark god rules the world of Aryth with an iron fist. Enslaved under the Shadow, the race of men leads an oppressed existence, and the Elves and Dwarves have retreated to distant forests and mountains, where their desperate resistance is slowly succumbing to the unyielding might of the Shadow.

It is a time of overwhelming darkness. The fickle flame of hope is almost extinguished, its dying light guarded only by those few heroes who still dare to dream of freedom.

Für umgerechnet weniger als 10 EUR kann man den Film auch via iTunes (nur wer einen US Account hat) oder bei DriveThruRPG downloaden. Aber Achtung, fast 4 GB in HD Qualität brauchen doch seine Zeit. In meinen Fall mehrere Stunden. Jetzt muss ich nur noch ein wenig freie Zeit finden um den Film auch zu geniessen.